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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Focus, posted on Sat Apr 11 14:28:21 2015
Posted by: Pit
Category: Special

If you are using "tactics focus <zone>" to focus on a specific zone in combat, you may occasionally find yourself missing an opportunity to hit (using base rounds).

If you are currently focused as a default, you may want to turn this off, and rather only use focus when the situation calls for it.


Capping Skills, posted on Sat Nov 22 12:36:11 2014
Posted by: Pit
Category: Special
Over the years, many players have accumulated skills far beyond levels that were originally intended for players to achieve. This has a somewhat detrimental effect on certain aspects of the game, in particular playerkilling.

As such, we are introducing a new feature that will allow playerkillers to fight on a more even footing.

*** DON'T PANIC ***

The newly introduced skillcap command is strictly voluntary. It allows you to (temporarily) lower your skills to a certain...

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Treasure Chests, posted on Fri Aug 22 21:42:24 2014
Posted by: Pit
Category: Special
Following an ideareport, a new feature has entered the game for those players who like to organise events. Venture over to the magic shop in Hillshire for a look at these treasure chests, which may be buried for others to find.

P.S.1. More details are available in the help for the chests.

P.S.2. Some responsibility with this item is required, as the intention is not really to swamp the whole disc in buried treasure. Therefore, the sale is restricted to players who have one of the "Experienc...

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Special Scheduling, posted on Sun Mar 30 12:54:22 2014
Posted by: Pit
Category: Guilds
As part of an ongoing project to work the snags out of the combat code, the way "specials" are scheduled has seen some changes. This should not have a very noticeable effect; however, you may find that when multiple special attacks are queued, they will execute just a bit faster (but perhaps not in the order you queued them!), and you will no longer get mysterious unarmed rounds during armed combat.

(Yes, we are aware that there are some other problems with the way combat currently works, and w...

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Communication History, posted on Sun Nov 17 20:51:13 2013
Posted by: Pit
Category: Am (domain pages), Cwc (domain pages), Developers, Fluffos (domain pages), Forn (domain pages), Guilds, Klatch (domain pages), Learning (domain pages), Liaison (domain pages), Playtesters (domain pages), Ram (domain pages), Special, Sur, Underworld and Waterways (domain pages)
Those whose memory fails them on occasion will be pleased to know that the functionality of the history commands "htell" and "hsoul" has been extended:

* hsoul now also includes emotes, and has an option to filter only player souls

* a new command hsay captures all says, saytos, whispers and so on

* a new command hcomm combines the communication from htell, hsoul and hsay


Escort Jobs, posted on Sat Sep 7 15:56:57 2013
Posted by: Pit
Category: Am (domain pages), Klatch (domain pages), Sur and Ram (domain pages)
With the renewed opening of the gates of Ephebe, traders in valuable goods have started regularly undertaking the journey between Ephebe and Ankh-Morpork. The trip, however, is hazardous, and due to the value of their caravan, these traders will usually require the help of a combat-competent escort.

Interested parties are encouraged to wander over to the Onion Gate in Ankh-Morpork, or Tyrant's Gate in Ephebe, and enquire for more details (a room help file is also provided).

Genua Job Office, posted on Sun Nov 11 14:45:48 2012
Posted by: Pit
Category: Forn (domain pages)

Doing jobs for the Genua job office will now give XP as well as money.

You may also find that there is a somewhat larger variety in locations.



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