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Klatch - the place where all the sand is

 — "Bugger all else but sand in Klatch." -- Fred Colon

What is Klatch?

Domains on the Discworld are divided into a number of subject area domains - AM, Ram, Forn, CWC, Sur, Guilds, Waterways and, most importantly (for these webpages, at least...) Klatch!

Klatch is the huge continent hubwards of the Circle Sea, from Tacticum on the El Kinte peninsula to the north, down to Istanzia to the south and everything west of there. You'll probably be most familiar with the cities of Djelibeybi and Ephebe, but there are smaller areas in game as well such as the Djelian trading post (north and somewhat west of Djelibeybi), Il Drim (a little fishing village southeast of Ephebe), the ruins of Tacticum, and a PK-only combat arena in the Tsortean desert.

What are we working on?

Our main focus in the Klatch domain right now is adding additional content to further enrich existing areas. Mostly this is intended to take the form of missions (in both Djelibeybi and Ephebe), but also includes additional shops, buildings, features, and all manner of other content.

Much current work is focussing on the adminstrative areas of Ephebe - the Citadel , Citadel palace, and associated features - such as player housing for Ephebe.

Applying to be a creator

Creators are hired into the central Developers domain and projects are assigned from the subject area domains (including Klatch) by need and the interest of individual creators. If you wish to apply as a creator please see the applyingsection of the website for further information.

Klatch Bibliography

Where can you find out more about the stories behind Klatch? Well you can check out the excellent Discworld books by Terry Pratchett which can be bought from Amazon and all other good book stores.

Particularly relevant to Klatch are:

And countless references in other books.

Front cover of "Sourcery"
Sourcery - Pratchett's fifth Discworld novel

Recent Changes ( more | archive )

Grave goods and other pottery - Mon Apr 29 20:01:15 2024

The potter's workshop on Tsort Road has had a change of ownership after Ptep-Ptip-Ptop left town, pursued by a number of hand-ex-maidens with grape peelers. (Fun fact: grape peelers can be used to peel all sorts of things, not just grapes!) Pthalos, the new owner, is now encouraging all comers to try their hand at pottery - he has provided tools and a range of traditional Djelian designs for you to use. May your work accompany you or the person of your choice into the afterlife!

An Encouradjinn Start - Mon Nov 27 16:27:46 2023

Following the re-discovery of the Eritian Desert ruins, a few adjustments have been made to make the player experience a little smoother: - Jassi's forge now has a custom helpfile that should help with the ordering syntax, rather than a generic "forge" helpfile. Use "help here" in the forge to view it. - Jassi will now give you a reminder of which special item he needs if you try to give him the wrong item. - Presenting a djinn weapon to another player will now check against their unmodified bonuses (all other skillchecks remain unchanged). - "Sand Scabbard" jewellery items will now recognise nicknames when trying to restore weapons. - The "glowing dance floor" wishing lamp item now has new chats and a special "dance" syntax that updates the player's position in the room accordingly. - The "list" command for the willing well was initially broken but now works as intended. - The saris from Khambriya's shop now have a help file that details how they can be wrapped in different styles. - Unarmed aids (knuckle dusters, plain leather headband, etc.) now have a line in their "appraise" output that indicates in broad terms what benefit they provide.

Uncivil Endjineering - Fri Nov 17 09:49:23 2023

Deep within the Eritian Desert, the ever-shifting sands have uncovered a decades-old trail to a ruined and forgotten settlement. Several of the beings within this settlement still live, going about their daily routines in service of long-departed masters. Others have survived but with a rather less cooperative disposition. There are lots of new things to discover that I don't want to spoil, but I invite you to explore this new area and hope you have fun with it! Many items have an associated helpfile if you are not sure quite how they work, so trying 'help ' may be handy. Huge thanks to Kake for their supervision on this and for writing lots of wonderful food descriptions. Thanks as well to Guildenstern for sprucing up some other descriptions on various shiny objects (which I will let you all discover for yourselves). Kadath