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  "The Great Wahoonie!"

This is Ankh-Morpork, oldest and greatest and grubbiest of cities.

Ankh-Morpork, jewel of cities, nestles in the heart of the Sto Plains a number of miles upstream from the estuary on the River Ankh. It is actually two cities, proud Ankh and pestilential Morpork, connected by many bridges, the most famous of which is the Brass Bridge. Ankh-Morpork houses the headquarters of most, though not all, of the Discworld guilds and is the centre of commerce for the Sto Plains and the Circle Sea, attracting merchants from far and wide. Not surprisingly, therefore, as a seeker of adventure, you will find yourself in this great city many times in your quest for fame and fortune.

Continuous Improvements

Since the decision was made to model Ankh-Morpork according to "The Streets of Ankh-Morpork" by Stephen Briggs and Terry Pratchett, most of our streets have been more or less autogenerated. The aim of the domain is to replace all the autogenerated text with handcrafted descriptions, as well as adding interesting features and NPC's to populate the streets.

Development Focus

While AM will continue to add projects on a per street and even per feature basis, the general domain focus is now on the area just west of the Shades and the Shades itself. As this is a gigantic enterprise, don't expect any major changes to the area in the near future.

Recent Changes ( more | pre-blog archive )

Foolish Ventures - Sat Dec 9 15:24:27 2023

Members of the Guild of Fools can now be spotted wandering the streets of Ankh-Morpork.

Outstanding Contribution To The Historical Process - Wed Oct 11 20:47:00 2023

The latest bugfix weekend focused on issues inside Ankh-Morpork (though some of the fixes will extend beyond its borders). Kadath, Kake, and Guildenstern made several outstanding contributions to recitif long-standing issues. Most noteworthy are the following fixes: - The Master of Ceremonies quest can now be completed by Adventurers. Clarifications to indicate the roles of Adventurers and Fools have been made. - Setting off a trap in the haunted mansion will give more helpful feedback to those with elemental shielding. - Searching the shelves in the Alchemists' Guild is significantly more likely to result in finding coloured acid. - Job market delivery jobs have been changed to ensure that players should no longer be asked to deliver to inaccessible or frequently killed npcs, or to fetch especially hard to obtain items outside of the "Rare Items" delivery job. - Several descriptions of delivery job recipients have been updated to more accurately reflect where they can be found. - The "check" command for ticking off items on a job writ will now work provided you have a writing implement somewhere about your person, even if it's in a container. - You can no longer use a quartermaster's shovel for street repair jobs. - Constable Dorfl will now arrest criminals after knocking them out, rather than just leaving them unconscious on the street. - Pets should only be thrown in jail if they are actually in the room with their owner at the time of arrest. - Attempting to enter an area of The Dysk theatre that you don't have a ticket for should no longer stop you from using commands like "applaud" or "boo". - The nomination limit in magistrate elections has been changed to "at most 7 plus yourself". - Council honour rolls now appear in the descriptions of the rooms they're located in. You can also "list honour roll brief" if you only want to see the names and not the other details. - The spangly belt now has a spanglier description; it is also slightly less heavy. - The Apex Club admin office will respect your temporal_reality when telling you how long your rent is paid for. - The Apex Club and the Thieves' Guild have agreed that theft on club premises now also falls under Guild policies, i.e. it will go on quota for Guild members and be punished for others. - The priest listings on in-game top ten tables can now be sorted by deity. You are encouraged to provide these upstanding creators a beverage of their choosing the next time you run into them in one of Ankh-Morpork's drinking houses.

Dead Letter Update, Part III - Mon Mar 27 12:02:23 2023

The vague address letters for delivery in Djelibeybi, Ephebe and Genua have been updated to work with the recent skill update. Enjoy! Fran.

Your Input

Suggestions for further additions are always welcome of course. Please do so using the idea command on an appropriate room, NPC or object. If you can't think of something fitting to file the report on, the "Ideas R Us" office opposite the Guild of Architects on Chrononhotonthologos Street might be the place you are looking for.

Or, if you want to take a more active approach in improving the city, check out the options listed below.

Pubquiz Machine

Nestled in a pub on Morpork Street is a pubquiz machine. If you have a question that you'd like to be considered for inclusion in the machine you can submit it here once you're signed in with your player account. You can also see what other questions there are already in the machine or have been submitted and are pending so that you don't double-up.


Architects are players who write descriptions for the generic areas in Ankh-Morpork.

For more information, check out our Architects Webpage.


Ankh-Morpork is always looking for competent creators. If you think this might just be the thing for you, have a chat with the Domain Leader or its Deputies or with any other AM creator.