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Playtesting Discworld

 — dying horrible deaths since the century of the recalcitrant moth

Welcome to the web-pages of Discworld's playtester domain. The playtester domain serves as an administrative entity to co-ordinate the process of playtesting between domain leaders and the playtesters themselves. Members of this domain are either creators involved in the administrative process, or players who have been formally accepted for the role of Playtester. You will find documents within this pages that explain how playtesting as a process works on Discworld.

General Playtester Domain Pages

The following links are general purpose links for the Playtester domain. The documents within here are accessible to everyone.

Updates! See what's changed since your last visit.
Code of Conduct

What is expected of creators and playtesters who are participating in the playtesting process.

Mission Statement

Yeah, a mission statement. Feel the synergy!

Playtester Applicants Information for those interested in joining the domain as a playtester.

Restricted Pages

The following links are for the restricted pages of the Playtester domain web.
Creator Information Creators only!
Exec Information Playtesting Executives, Senior Playtesters and Creators only.
Playtester Information Playtesters and Creators only.