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Ahoy Mateys!

Aaaaaaaarrrr you here to find out about the Waterways domain?

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This domain not usually be open to player creator applications. The systems of this domain are unusually complex and need a higher degree of coding knowledge than is usually assumed of new creators. Additionally, the focus of the domain does not permit the 'usual amount' of creative licence.

However, with that being said, I am willing to discuss employment with players who are especially interested in the theme of pirates and piracy. While applicants with coding knowledge are especially highly valued for this domain, there is room for anyone who has a sincere and lasting enthusiasm for the project. If you have Real Historical Knowledge or a background in sailing, I would also be very happy to discuss employment with you.

In any case, I generally won't employ people who have applied through the normal recruitment process unless they have contacted me first indicating their interest.

If you wish to discuss the possibility of working within Waterways, the best way to do it is send me something that makes me think Highly of your abilities. As a suggestion, work up a synopsis of a small island - perhaps six to eight rooms. I don't need descriptions or code, just a page or so outlining:

Work this up in whatever style you fancy, and sent it along to me by email. We can then have a chat. Usually, if I like the Cut Of Your Jib, I'll ask you to make a formal application so other domain leaders get a chance to make you a better offer than me.

Thanks mateys,

The Dread Pirate Drakkos