Discworld MUD Osrics 2004

How to Vote

Voting in this year's Osrics is extremely easy! Like always, though, there are a few prerequisites/conditions.

  1. Your character must be at least two days old to vote.
  2. Each character can only vote once, however you can go back at any time to change your vote.
  3. To vote with another character, you must close down your browser completely and log back on.

This year, we will be again using the "drop down" list box method of voting, as well as the text box. You can check the list box to see if your option is there before typing it out. I know many people say this "rigs" the vote, because some people are too lazy and just "go with the flow". However, most feedback I have received has overwhemlingly supported the idea. And certainly it cuts down on the number of "Lanfart"-style typos.

If you choose an option from the select box -and- write an entry in the field, then the entry in the field is chosen as your vote.

If a field doesn't have a drop down box next to it, don't worry, that means no votes have been entered for that category yet.

What Now?

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Problems? Questions?

Mudmail or email Taffyd if you have any problems or inquiries with the Discworld MUD Osrics system.

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