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I'm a Trustee on Discworld and one of the administrators.

In real life I'm Derek Harding.


I started playing Discworld in February 1994. Since then I have been a Creator, an Independent (precursor to Senior), Lord and then Trustee — I have worked my way up so to speak. I still play (I have a couple of alts) but not a huge amount because I just don't have the time.

My first creator project was in Djelibeybi where I wrote the majority of the streets and shops in the original city.

Since then I have[1]:

[1] Almost all projects on the MUD are collaborative, I was not the only creator in any of these tasks.

I'm told I don't do well with dumb people, perhaps why I find myself agreeing with this.


Currently on the heap™ are:

Hot Topics

From time to time an issue comes up that gets widely debated and that is mis-understood. When that happens I sometimes write about it. Here are some of those writings.

Old (out of date) Items