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newspaper subscription

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newspaper subscription


newspaper subscription - a room that allows newspaper subscriptions


check subscription
subscribe [to] <number> [issue|issues] of <insert newspaper here>
subscribe [to] <insert newspaper here>
unsubscribe [from] <insert newspaper here>
buy [a] newspaper box
buy [an] international newspaper box

list [all|unlimited|pre-paid] subscriptions


In this room people can get subscriptions for a specific newspaper. These are either for a pre-paid number of issues or infinite.
Both types can be cancelled by unsubscribing, but the money for a pre-paid one will not be returned.
Whenever a new issue is released, it will be sent to the subscribee via the parcel-service.
With an unlimited subscription the paper is authorized to withdraw the money for each issue from your bank account(s).

-= WARNING=- Unlimited subscriptions are subject to possible changes of the newspaper's price.

It is also possible to aquire newspaper boxes. When placed in a house, trained imps will deliver new issues directly to the box.
Each box is bought with enough demon-bait for twelve issues and cannot be refilled.
An international box uses stronger bait, allowing the imps to find it even if the newspaper-office and the house are on different continents.


> subscribe to The Fluff
You subscribe to The Fluff.
Your bank-account(s) will be billed whenever a new issue is released, until you unsubscribe.

> subscribe to 5 issues of The Fluff
You subscribe to 5 issues of The Fluff and pay 50p.

> unsubscribe from The Fluff
You successfully unscubscribe from The Fluff.

> buy newspaper box
You purchase a newspaper box.

> buy international newspaper box
You purchase a newspaper box.

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