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newspaper office

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newspaper office


news paper office - where exciting news papers are made


Non Reporter Commands:
submit advert in <category>
submit advert {in|to|into} <category>
submit advert <category>
category list
advert categories
advert list

Reporter Commands:
articles [scroll]
submit {text|html} <"article name"> as <author>
submit {text|html} <article name>
submit section <section name>
retrieve [<article>]
edit <file>
delete <article>
title <article> <new title>
author <article> <new author>
change type of <article> to {html|plain}
change xp [return] of <article> to {none|low|medium|high}

Editor Commands:
change xp [return] of article <num> to {none|normal}
change colour of article <num> to {red|blue|green|cyan|magenta|yellow|brown|none}
add {editor|reporter|setter|sponsor} <person>
remove {editor|reporter|setter|sponsor} <person>
log articles
pay <person> <number> [dollars]
pay <person> message <message>
move <article> {up|down}
postpone <article> {on|off}
publish with headline <headline>
advert remove <id>
lock articles {on|off}
lock article <article> {on|off}
category add <category>
category remove <category>
category cost <category> per add <cost>
category cost <category> per ten characters <cost>
category {open|close} <category>

Owner commands:
profit deposit extra <cash>


This is a place in which you can organise and publish a newspaper. The editor has complete control over the paper and can edit and change the articles and setup their order.

A reporter can submit new articles and retrieve and remove their old articles. You can also change the title and the displayed author for the articles.

To become a reporter you 'apply' to be a reporter.

The 'claim' command allows you to receive a new set of press creditials for the paper.

You can only delete and edit your own articles. The editor can edit and delete any articles.

You can change the type of the article to be html or plain. This does not change any of the text of the article, merely how it is displayed. The recognised html tags are: <ul> </ul> <ol> </ol> <dl> <dd> <dt> </dl> <p> <li> <br> <pre> </pre> <b> </b> <i> </i> <code> </code> <center> </center>

On publication of an issue all reporters will be rewarded with either zero xp (none), 35,000 xp (low), 70,000 xp (medium) or 140,000xp (high) per article they published. The editors will be rewarded with 120,000xp plus 10% of the xp awarded to the reporters shared among them. So one editor will get more xp than 2.

When a newspaper is published the index page is generated automatically.

The command 'add reporter' can be used to hire on anyone as a reporter. They do not need to be logged in and they do not need to apply first. The command 'remove reporter' can be used to fire the person from being a reporter altogether.

To make someone into an editor you use the command 'promote' and to turn things back into a normal reporter you use the command 'demote'.

Editors can 'lock' the office so that reporters cannot edit or add any new articles or adverts. This allows the editors to make sure that no one messes with things before they go to print.

The logs can be used to view events which have occured in the newspapers article history.

The owner can deposit extra money into the pool of money for the reporters to be paid out of. This allows the owner to pay extra money or bonuses from their own pocket.

You must publish an edition within ten (roundworld) weeks of taking ownership of the newspaper, and thereafter at intervals not exceeding thirteen (roundworld) weeks. You are advised not to leave this to the last minute in the expectation that nothing could possibly go wrong! In addition, the owner must not be absent for more than one minor discworld year. If any of these requirements are not met, the newspaper will be placed on auction.


> claim
> submit hairy animals
> title 1 Not Quite so Hairy Animals
> author 1 Not Hairy Jack
> delete 1
> submit "Not Quite so Hairy Animals" as Not Hairy Jack

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