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case control

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case control


case control - a room that allows people to change cases


list [case] <id>
list punishments
list {punishment|punishments|results} <result>
list closed
list closed [case] <id>
case [add] note <id>
case open [with] <people> about <short description>

Magistrate only:
case add person <person> to <id>
case remove person <person> from <id>
case appeal <id>
case close <id> result <result>


Allows people to setup new cases for administration, add notes and control the cases in various ways. You can get a listing of each case and a listing of all the current cases.

When opening a case, you will be brought into an editor where it can be described in full detail.

The result used in the close of a case must correspond to one of the names specified in the list punishments. If any extra details are required you will be asked to enter them as you continue.

You can list all the recently closed cases using the 'list closed' syntax. You can then list each case in more detail by using its id.

The closed cases you can list are any cases that were recently closed (within the last 2 weeks), after this they are moved into the archive and are also no longer able to be appealed.

For a case to be appealed you must find a magistrate to appeal the case for you. The magistrate must be different to the one that closed the case.

You can only modify a case if you are a magistrate and you are not involved in the case directly (either opened it or one of the people complained about). However, you can always add notes to cases.

You can get more information about what the punishments do using the 'list punishment fine' syntax.


> list
> list case 1
> case open ceres about his ears are too big for his feet
> case add note 2
> list punishment not guilty
> case close 2 result not guilty

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