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council chambers

Discworld room help

council chambers


council chambers - where rules are made


vote {yes|no|abstain} for <motion id>
list rule <rule id>
list motions
list motions {brief|verbose}
list motion <motion id>
settings list

Magistrate only:
amend motion <motion id>
comment on <motion id>
motion remove rule <rule id>
motion amend rule <rule id>
motion create new rule <type>
motion move rule <rule id> to <type>
settings change <setting> to <value>
settings add <name> to <setting>
settings remove <name> from <setting>


This is a room help file.

This room is the heart of the rule control system for the game. It allows people to list rules, and vote on new rules.

The rule id and the motion id's can be found by listing the rules and motions respectively.

The allowed types for the rules are 'general', 'citizen' and 'immutable'. All rules of the type 'immutable' cannot be changed or added to.

Rules of the type 'citizen' will only apply to citizens, 'general' rules apply to everyone in the city.

Amendments are changes to the actual rules, if you make an amendment to a rule then the amendment becomes a clarification of the rule. Comments can only be made by magistrates and they are removed when the motion is opened up for voting by the citizens.

Motions go through three stages: 1) magistrate discussion, 2) magistrate voting and 3) citizen voting. For a motion to be passed it must be passed by both the magistrates and the citizens. A motion can only have amendments made to it while it is in the magistrate discussion period. Comments can be added up till the end of the magistrate voting period.

Furthermore, magistrates have settings that they can change, that affect the cities that they govern. All citizens may browse the list, but only magistrates may change them.


> list
> list motions
> vote yes for 2
> settings list

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