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multiple characters

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multiple characters


We believe the MU in MUD stands for Multi and User respectively. As such, the environment of the mud is there to allow real people to interact with other real people in the Discworld sphere.

You are allowed to have more than one character (also known as "alt"), but that shouldn't stop you from playing together with others!

Logging in multiple characters

A player is not allowed to log in more than one character at the same time. There are some checks to avoid you doing this by accident, and bypassing these on purpose will be severely punished.

To avoid doing this by accident, you can not log in an alt while the other is still online if you "register" it. Also note that being netdead is not the same as being logged off: you need to "quit" rather than just disconnect.

Helping your alts

While you can not have two characters online at the same time, you are allowed to interact with your alts in limited ways. You can pass items to your other characters and perform services like scrying or resurrecting groupmates for them. However, it detracts a lot from the fun and diversity from the game (both, likely, your own and other people's) if people just use their alts for everything they need. Do not act as a one-person army, there are other people out there to play with!

Following this, alts that are used solely for the purpose of helping another character are not acceptable.

Note that you can not log in two alts together, even for a moment, for the purpose of giving over items. Also, please keep in mind that an item lost in the process of passing it to an alt will not be replaced.

Other Points

A character that's going to refresh can be seen as a separate character for the purpose of these rules. As such, it's allowed to retrieve your possessions after a refresh, but not to refresh solely to get more money or equipment.

Targetting another player across multiple alts will be regarded as the actions of a single person; harassing someone doesn't become okay because you use more than one alt for it or because you target more than one alt of theirs.

Playing from a network

Two players using networked PCs may play together, but have to get clearance from a liaison before being able to do so. The liaison will go through the necessary settings and checks; it will take some time, but doesn't have to be redone for new (registered) alts of the two networked players.

Two players playing together from the same computer look exactly the same as one player multiplaying. This is therefore not allowed either, even if they have been given clearance to play together.

As explained in help character ownership, allowing (on purpose or not) another person to play your character (however briefly) is not allowed.

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