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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Emotional Conversation, posted on Fri Apr 6 14:41:43 2012
Posted by: Woom
Category: Special
When "converse"ing, prepending the text you send with a ":" will now emote/remote that text instead of saying/telling it. As long as you know how to emote/remote, of course.

By Request, posted on Sun Apr 1 22:50:16 2012
Posted by: Woom
Category: Special
The inform "group-request" can now be set, allowing you to see when people place group requests.

Irradiant, posted on Sun Apr 1 22:07:45 2012
Posted by: Borealis
Category: Am (domain pages)
Radiation has been detected in the cellar of a mansion in Ankh-Morpork. Caution is advised!

Safecracking Returns., posted on Sun Apr 1 11:30:30 2012
Posted by: Tavish
Category: Guilds
Kordane is once again willing to teach thieves with sufficient skill the arts of safecracking. The new crack command works with the new safes that can be found in various locations around the Disc. Most of the safes are hidden and some are well protected, so you'll need to be vigilant.

Any items removed from a safe will count as theft and dealt with in the usual manner appropriate to the location (items being retrieved that you placed in the safe yourself being exempt).

A number of new crac...

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Pssst!, posted on Tue Mar 27 03:06:19 2012
Posted by: Tavish
Category: Special
Hints have been added to the game. There are no hints currently given outside of Pumpkin town, but over time this feature will see much greater use across the Disc. For more information see "help hints".

The Price Is Rite, posted on Sat Mar 17 18:26:08 2012
Posted by: Trilogy
Category: Special
Some senior Unseen University Wizards have pinned down the details of an AshkEnte ceremony after the discovery of a spell book in the depths of the library. See 'help ashkente' for a description of their findings.

As determined so far by scores of disappointed Wizards in search of the perfect roasted leg of lamb, the only request Death will consider is from a player who has died one time too many, asking to be raised from the dead.

The components required for the Rite can be found in the finest...

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Some More Minor Changes, posted on Thu Mar 15 03:10:22 2012
Posted by: Cripsi
Category: Guilds
Forgetting a part-contemplated spell now also removes the part-contemplation, preventing you from accidentally cross-contemplating a spell you no longer know.

Mugwuddle's Muddling Mirage now stops the subject of the spell from pursuing at all. It also is now only possible to walk through a portal whilst under the effects of the spell if you actively aimed for it, however there is still no guarentee you will go the way you moved.

Special attacks now work with Old Bellicus' Brazen Knuckles.


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Benvenuti A Little Brindisi!, posted on Wed Mar 7 12:47:47 2012
Posted by: Loutre
Category: Forn (domain pages)
The recent influx of Brindisian immigrants to Genua has left many of them feeling chipper and delighted to have so many of their compatriots about that they have gathered into one street together and practically recreated Brindisi on their own. In fact, they're so nicely settled there that they rarely have to speak Morporkian at all! Well, except to tourists, naturally.

Of course, some tourists might be intrepid enough to try to learn some Brindisian for themselves. And who better to learn from...

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Appeasing The Gods, posted on Fri Feb 24 17:34:30 2012
Posted by: Epic
Category: Guilds
The gods have taken notice of supplicators' plights and have relaxed Their requirements. Working on the example set by Pishe, the other gods have now incorporated a financial remuneration scheme into Their operation, which will ease your way into Their congragation.

For more information, please read 'help supplication'.

Oilstones, posted on Thu Feb 2 19:04:52 2012
Posted by: Trilogy
Category: Special
Thanks to Borealis you can now find oilstones (and oil) for sale in smithies throughout AM [1] to hone your sharp weapons on. "Help oilstone" when you have it in your possession for more info.

[1] Other cities to follow, probably.



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