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Delusions of Grandeur - prime an object to anticipate Belief that it is a talisman


cast Delusions of Grandeur on <object>
dub <object> "<Proper Name>"
dub <object> my <adjective> <object>


Delusions of Grandeur is a miscellaneous spell that primes an object to expect people to Believe that it is a magical talisman. The spell does not actually make the object a talisman, it merely awakens it to the possibility and paves the way for it to become one. Once the object is thus primed, pandering to its newfound ego is required; this gives it enough Belief to latch onto and eventually attain full fledged talisman-ness.

After the spell is cast, the object must first be given a reputation. Refering to it by this reputation and most especially showing the object off will then soothe and reassure it enough that it may eventually become a bonafide talisman. This process takes Some Days and, while the object's resolve may be strengthed by repeated casting of the spell, the passage of a certain amount time is required. If it is neglected, on the other hand, the poor little object will eventually give up on its efforts. Cruel mockery might also speed up this process.

Note that anyone may give the object its reputation by using the "dub" command, not only the witch who Deludes it. Likewise, anyone may pander to its fragile ego. Note also the two syntaxes for the "dub" command; the first actually gives the talisman a Proper Name which it may eventually show off proudly, whereas the second gives it a reputation by which one may refer to it but that isn't as obvious to onlookers.


> cast Delusions of Grandeur on wand
You prepare to cast Delusions of Grandeur on Presto's wand.
> Entranced, Presto's wand perks up and looks around for someone to Believe in its greatness.

> dub wand "Larry"
You dub Presto's wand "Larry".

> hold larry
You fail to hold Presto's wand.
> The octarine shadow around Presto's wand deepens.