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Player-run shop help



Player-run shop storeroom


add <item(s)>
add <item(s) to cabinet <cabinet>
list <item(s)>
list cabinet <cabinet>
list <item(s)> in cabinet <cabinet>
remove <number> <item(s)>
remove <number> <item(s)> from cabinet <cabinet>
pull roll


This is the storeroom, accessible to employees only.

The storeroom holds several stock cabinets, each capable of holding a fixed number of items. The simplest way to add and remove items is to let the storeroom automatically assign items to cabinets. However, you can specify which cabinet you want to add/remove items to/from.

You may also list the contents of all cabinets, the contents of an individual cabinet, all items, or individual items in an individual cabinet.

There is a shopping bag dispenser for the convenience of customers. Shopping bags should be distributed wisely, depending on the number of items sold.

There may be a situation in which the maximum number of items cannot be stored due to cabinet assignments. This is the responsibility of supervisors and managers to administer.