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Player-run shop help



Player-run shop office

Syntax - all employees

claim {badge|handbook|bonus}

Syntax - all employees except retired managers

clock {in|out}
bank <number>
promotion {on|off}

Syntax - supervisors and managers only

chart add <item>
chart remove <item>
chart max <item>
chart buy <item>
chart sell <item>
chart assign <item> [to cabinet] <number>
chart unassign <item> [from cabinet] <number>
check cabinets
logs <number>
logs chart

Syntax - managers only

logs {personnel|accounts|chart}


This is the office, accessible only to employees of the shop.

Please also see the "office" command and your staff handbook, claimable from this office.

The policy notice states the management policies in relation to this shop. All items on this notice represent the current policy and should be strictly adhered to. Managers reserve the right to update these policies at any time.

The item chart lists the items bought and sold by the shop. It also states the buying and selling price, the maximum stock level, average stock level, average daily sales, and the cabinets currently assigned to hold each particular item.

The memo command will only be accessible to employees if the shop does not have a notice board. The memo command will send a mail to each employee of the shop.