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Player-run shop help



Player-run shop counter


calc <num> {+|-|*|/} <num>
log shop {bought|sold} <number> <item(s)> for <amount>
correction shop {bought|sold} <number> <item(s)> for <amount>


This is the area behind the counter, accessible to employees only.

The cash register is located here, along with the sales log. All money added to or removed from the register is logged automatically. The log should be used whenever a transaction takes place, so that the supervisors and managers can easily tell what is being bought & sold, and for how much.

If a mistake is made when logging, you may make a correction to the log. Try to make a correction as soon as possible so it appears next to the original entry.


log shop bought 10 gizmos for 20p
log shop sold 13 wotsits for $1.20
correction shop sold 13 wotsits for $1.30