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parcel office

Discworld room help

parcel office


parcel office - A place where you can deposit and/or collect parcels


deposit <object> for <string>
collect <string>


This is a room help file.

The parcel office is for depositing parcels for other players or for collecting parcels that other players have sent to you.

It is strongly recommended that you remember the following:

1. Each item sent will incur a fee of approximately AM$1 in the local currency.

Each parcel office will normally have a sign giving the exact local cost.

2. Please avoid depositing nested items

Nested items are, for example, an item in a bag which is placed inside a box which is put inside a backpack, which is... You get the drift now, I hope. Avoid it.

You can choose to send a parcel anonymously or let the receiver know who it is from.


deposit lolly for pinkfish
The aged teller says: It costs one dollar per item sent. Like it or lump it.
Inform recipient of who sent parcel? (y/n):n
Okay, the parcel will be delivered anonymously.

collect parcel
You ask if there are any parcels for you.
The aged teller says: Nope! Nothing here for you.