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craft shop

Discworld room help

craft shop


craft shop - a place where players can buy and sell wares


sell <item>
buy <item>
browse <item>
change price of <item> to <price>
collect royalties


This is a room help file.

A place where players can buy and sell goods for their own specified prices. When you sell an item it gets you to choose a price to sell it for and name to sell it as. This allows the seller to control what the buyers will see when they list the contents of the shop. When the item is listed it is given a two letter abbreviation, this abbreviation can be used to buy the specified item from the shop.

The seller will only get royalties for the item sold once it has actually been sold. The shop itself will take a certain percentage of the sell price as royalties.


> sell rattlesnake
> list
> buy cute fluff kitten
> buy aa
> browse kitten
> change price of kitten to 12 dollars
> royalties
You have no money owed to you currently.

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