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Embroidery unpicker

Discworld player help

Embroidery unpicker


embroidery unpicker - used to remove embroidery from clothing or quilting
from a quilt


unpick {text|pattern} on <clothing> with <unpicker>
unpick quilting on <quilt> with <unpicker>


An unpicker can be used to remove a pattern of embroidery or some embroidered text from an item of clothing. It will also remove some embroidery added by NPC sources.

It can also be used to unpick the quilting from a quilt.


> unpick message on tunic with unpicker
You carefully unpick the threads of embroidery on your yellow tunic with
the embroidery unpicker.

> unpick quilting on quilt with unpicker
You carefully unpick the quilting on your hand-made patchwork quilt with
the embroidery unpicker.