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Discworld command help



pray - Channel power to your deity.


pray to <deity>
pray {gently|lengthily|vigorously|fervently} to <deity>
pray for <player>


Using this command, you can channel power to your deity. You will drain all of your faith points in the process. You will also be moved a little closer to your deity's ideal alignment. In case you prayed for another person, they are moved a little closer. You must pray in order to be able to use certain commands.

Prayer also serves to add some charge to faith items that require that, and slightly refills the deity points pool for a god every time that someone prays.

You may also give a prayer that uses fewer faith points by choosing to pray in a specific manner. By praying in that way, however, the benefits of your prayer are reduced equivalently.


> pray to offler
You lower yourself to your knees and silently offer up a short prayer to Offler, the Crocodile God of Klatch.

> pray lengthily to offler
You spend a moment with your head bowed praising Offler, the Crocodile God of Klatch.

> pray for Vy
You pray to Fish on behalf of Vy of Fish, asking Him to assist His child.

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