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term - Set your terminal type


term <terminal type>


Term sets your terminal type. If you experiment with terminal types it is your own fault if your terminal hangs... which it may do if you set a term that is not compatible with your client.

Currently supported terms are listed if you type "term" without further arguments.

Instead of manually setting a term, you can set your terminal type to 'network', which will cause Discworld to use telnet negotiation to ask your client what its preferred terminal type is. This is the default (and recommended) setting.

Different terminal types support different colours. Some of the older terminal types do not support colour at all; the terminals ending in -nc attempt to emulate colour using combinations of bold, reverse video and underline attributes. Most terminal types support at least eight, and usually sixteen colours. The most common of these terminal types is ansi.

Modern mud clients (and also most telnet clients) usually support a wider range of colours. The most common of these terminal types are xterm256 and mxp.

To test whether your terminal is set up correctly, use "colours list". This should show you a list of different colours. If some of them are white (or black) when they shouldn't be, your terminal is most likely set to a value not supported by your client. Note that on ansi terminal, many of those colours look the same.


> term xterm256

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