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score - show your current score


score [brief|verbose] [stats]
score quests [sorted]
score align
score relationships
score fighting
score temperature
score burden


Score gives you an indication of your current condition. Choosing "brief" will give you the short version, while "verbose" will give you the longer; if you don't specify, it defaults to your current mode. The option "stats" will cause your stats to be shown, rather than your general score information. All of these horrible numbers are used all over the place to calculate your general well-being. You can also gloat over your achievements with the "quests" option and check your alignment with the "align" option.

The "score quests sorted" command displays your quests in an alphabetically sorted list.

You can use the "score relationships" command to show your relationship to other members of your family. You cannot use this if you are not in a family, and if you want more information such as inter-family relationships then you will have to use the "finger" command.

The "score fighting" command shows which NPCs or players you are currently fighting. (If any.)

"score temperature" shows how warm (or cool) you are, and what contributes to that, while "score burden" tells you how burdened you are.

You can use the command "gp" to show your current distribution of guild points.


> score
> score verbose

You have 910 (1040) hit points, 122 (122) guild points, 1 (651) quest points
and 50 (50) social points.
Your current experience is 36178 and you are level 27 in the Thieves'
Guild; your overall rating is 4416.
You have died 3 times and can die 4 times before you are completely dead.
Your wimpy is set to 40%.
You won't surrender.
You are unburdened and quite comfortable.
You are good, worshipping Gufnork the God of Fluff.
You are a citizen of: Ankh-Morpork.
You are 8 days, 4 hours, 32 minutes and 42 seconds old and have logged in
152 times.

> score brief

Hp: 913 (1040) Gp: 122(122) Xp: 36190

> score stats

Constitution ... 10 Strength ....... 14 Weight ......... 81.7kg
Dexterity ...... 21 Wisdom ......... 10
Intelligence ... 10 Height ......... 183cm

> score brief stats

Con: 10 Int: 10 Wis: 10 Wgt: 81.7kg
Dex: 21 Str: 14 Hgt: 183cm

> score quests

You have completed the following quests:
"Womble's Friend", in which you helped make a sad womble happy again.

> score align
You are good. Gufnork is pleased with you.

> score relationships

Eboin, Laffs and Telerie are your cousins.
Dryade is your daughter.
Allana, Leeda, Moonchild, Saffra and Silverthorn are your sisters.
Maderty is your wife.

See also

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