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Discworld player help



hold - General hold interface.


hold <object(s)>
hold <object(s)> in <limb>
hold <object(s)> in <limb> and <limb>


This command lets you hold weapons, shields and other things like torches, which need a hand to be useful. There is no need for wielding weapons as holding them basically does this. If you wield a weapon in your off hand (it defaults to putting things in your prime hand, that's a hint) it will do less damage than if it is in your prime hand.

You can wield two weapons, one in each hand. But again they will do less damage each than if you were wielding just one. You can also use this command to hold shields in specific hands. If you wear a shield it will use any free limbs you have.

Some weapons can be held in both hands at once. By default these weapons will use both hands, to hold them in a single hand indicate which hand you want the weapon held in. You can also specify which two hands you want the weapon held in, if it is a multi-handed weapon.

See also

sheathe, unhold