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calendar - Show the Discworld calendar for Roundworld days


calendar today
calendar <number of days>
calendar <start days from now> <end days from now>
calendar [the] <day> [of] <month> {Prime|Secundus|1|2} [<year>]
calendar <month> {Prime|Secundus|1|2} [the] <day> [<year>]
calendar <special day> [{Prime|Secundus|1|2}] [<year>]
calendar list [special days]


This command shows a calendar which allows you to see how Discworld days match up with Roundworld days. It has a plethora of options, maybe even a myriad!

The first four options simply show you the calendar for a given number of days. With no arguments, it shows the next seven Roundworld days.

The next three options allow you to see when a Discworld day will start and end in Roundworld time. This is useful for checking for things like when payments are due.

The last option will list all the holidays and special days associated with both the Discworld and Roundworld calendars.

If you have your time zone set, the output of this command will be adjusted to your locale, otherwise the times will correspond to the time zone of Discworld's host machine (currently GMT +1/0). Note that the handling of Daylight Savings Time is not done automatically; mainly because Discworld has no way of knowing whether you are someplace that *has* DST. Thus you will have to change your time zone setting manually whenever DST begins or ends.


> date
[Wed Jun 1 20:18:06 2005 in Seattle ]
[Wed Jun 1 23:18:06 2005 in New York ]
[Thu Jun 2 04:18:06 2005 in London ]
[Thu Jun 2 13:18:06 2005 in Sydney ]
[Thu Jun 2 05:18:06 2005 CEST ]
[Thu Jun 2 03:18:06 2005 GMT ]

> calendar 2
Wed Jun 1 2005: Tuesday 11th Ember Secundus, UC 2019.
[02:36] Wednesday 12th Ember Secundus, UC 2019.
[09:48] Thursday 13th Ember Secundus, UC 2019.
[17:00] Friday 14th Ember Secundus, UC 2019.
Thu Jun 2 2005:
[00:12] Saturday 15th Ember Secundus, UC 2019.
[07:24] Sunday 16th Ember Secundus, UC 2019.
[14:36] Octeday 17th Ember Secundus, UC 2019.
[21:48] Monday 18th Ember Secundus, UC 2019.

> calendar 7 9
Wed Jun 8 2005: Monday 3rd December Secundus, UC 2019.
[00:12] Tuesday 4th December Secundus, UC 2019.
[07:24] Wednesday 5th December Secundus, UC 2019.
[14:36] Thursday 6th December Secundus, UC 2019.
[21:48] Friday 7th December Secundus, UC 2019.
Thu Jun 9 2005:
[05:00] Saturday 8th December Secundus, UC 2019.
[12:12] Sunday 9th December Secundus, UC 2019.
[19:24] Octeday 10th December Secundus, UC 2019.
Fri Jun 10 2005:
[02:36] Monday 11th December Secundus, UC 2019.
[09:48] Tuesday 12th December Secundus, UC 2019.
[17:00] Wednesday 13th December Secundus, UC 2019.

> calendar 1 Offle Prime
Hogswatchday, UC 2020 will begin Saturday Jun 25 2005 at 17:00 Roundworld Time and will end at 00:12 the next day.

> options personal timezone name = Slobovia
Set option personal timezone name to Slobovia.

> options personal timezone offset = -4
Set option personal timezone offset to -4.

> calendar Hogswatchday
Hogswatchday, UC 2020 will begin Saturday Jun 25 2005 at 20:00 Roundworld Time (Slobovia) and will end at 03:12 the next day.

See also

time, date, calendar_(concepts), convert