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Several members of the Discworld pantheon are currently accepting worshippers and priests (see the handy list below).

Becoming a worshipper is distinct from becoming a priest - adventurers, thieves, assassins and warriors can all choose to worship a god. To become a worshipper, go to the high altar in the relevant temple and pray to the god. If you have the correct alignment, you'll be accepted as a worshipper (obviously you mustn't be currently worshipping any other god).

To become a priest, go to the high altar in the relevant temple and use the "join" command. As with all guilds, once you join the Priests' Guild, you will never be able to join any other guild.

Priests are taught rituals and commands by the religious instructor as appropriate to their skills; similarly, some deities will grant a limited number of rituals and commands to their worshippers.

Currently, the worshippable gods are, in no particular order:

GodWorshipper rituals
Fish, God of Sea CreaturesBreathe Underwater, Splash
Gapp, God of Fine ClothingCool, Mend
Gufnork, God of FluffCure Light Wounds, Summon Fluff
Hat, Vulture-Headed God of Unexpected GuestsDark Sight, Warm
Pishe, Goddess of Slight ShowersPishe does not accept non-priest followers.
Sandelfon, God of CorridorsCalm, Detect Alignment
Seven-Handed SekLight, Parch

It is possible (albeit difficult and time-consuming) to renounce your faith. For more information see 'help supplication'.

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