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Re m.DT TLA Discworld player help TLA .SH What is a TLA? .SP 5 5 Three letter abbreviations (as well as other numbers of letters!) are very popular in online forums and communities, such as Discworld. Some are general online abbreviations, whereas others refer specifically to Discworld related features. .EP .SH The abbreviated list of TLAs .SO 5 8 -20 TLA three letter abbreviations (also 'three letter acronyms') FAQ [a list of] frequently asked questions AFAIC as far as I'm concerned AFAICS as far as I can see AFK away from keyboard AFAIK as far as I know AM Ankh-Morpork - a Discworld city on the Circle Sea; a coding domain ASAP as soon as possible A/S/L age / sex / location, popular on IRC channels, it is generally not appreciated as a greeting or introduction on Discworld... AWOL absent without leave BBIAB be back in a bit BBL be back later BBS be back soon BMI body mass index - a measurement of weight and height combined BRB be right back BRT be right there BTW by the way CU L8R see you later CWC the Counterweight Continent - a Discworld continent; a coding domain DFTT Don't feed the troll ETLA extended three letter abbreviation (aka a four letter abbreviation) FTW for the win - method of indicating that the speaker enjoys or appreciates an aforementioned object or activity FWIW for what it's worth FYI for your information GTG got to go HAND have a nice day HTH hope this helps IC in character, with regard to role playing (cf OOC) ICBW I could be wrong IIRC if I recall correctly IMHO in my humble opinion IMMHO in my mostly humble opinion IMNSHO in my not so humble opinion IRC internet relay chat IRL in real life (cf RL) LMAO laughing my [armadillo] off LOL laugh out loud; lots of laughs MUD multi-user {domain|dimension|dungeon} NPC non-player character - a MUD-controlled character (cf PC) NPK non-player killer (cf PK) OICURMT oh, I see you are empty; what a drunk says to his bottle OMG oh my {goodness|god|gods} OOC out of character, with regard to role playing (cf IC) OTOH on the other hand OTT over the top PEBKAC problem exists between keyboard and chair PC player character - a character controlled by a person; a personal computer PDA(s) public display(s) [of] affection; a personal digital assistant PK player killer - a player who can kill other PK; player killer death - a death that doesn't cost a life PO post office PT {playtest|playtester}, a player with the responsibility of testing new code RL real life, a supposed place where you don't mud (cf IRL) ROFL rolling on [the] floor laughing RP role-play RTFM read the friendly manual RTH read the help file RTM read the manual TBH to be honest TMI too much information TTFN ta-ta for now, [bye] TTYTT to tell you the truth TTYL talk to you later, [bye] VETLA very extended three letter abbreviation (aka a five letter abbreviation) WRT with regard to YMMV your mileage may vary YHBT you have been trolled .EO .SH See also .SP 5 5 acronym (command) .EP