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Posted at Fri May 31 Title: Upcoming PK Weekend

Hello all!

The PK weekend has started!

* All PKs will be considered NPK (but still have access to the (Playerkillers) channel)
* Anyone (whether originally PK or not) can go PK for the weekend using the command: "go pk".
* The normal state of affairs will automatically be restored late Sunday night.
* There are no skillcaps, and no special restrictions on what PKs can do.
* As usual, PK deaths will not cost lives, but if accidents happen due to PK combat (for example, a death to an NPC when you wimpy out leading to a lost life), then that is your own responsibility. So please make sure that you do have spare lives.
* As usual, theft from PKs is possible, so it is your responsibility to not carry items that you would be devastated by losing. That being said, we will not tolerate people who grieve or seek to ruin the weekend for other PKs (temporary or not), which includes permanently depriving people of their items.

Have fun!
(Pit edited this message at Fri May 31 22:14:35 2019.)