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Posted at Fri May 20 Title: PK event

Following a popular request in the osrics, there will be a PK event in the weekend of 4 June: everyone will be able to tag as a temporary PK for the duration of the weekend.

More details will follow closer to the date, but you have some time to prepare now. :)


P.S. Since some of you will undoubtedly have some questions...
* NO, this does NOT mean that there will be another PK reset; if you are PK before the weekend, you will be PK after the weekend
* there will not be a rollback after the weekend; only PK status is affected
* if you don't want to participate, you don't have to; just don't tag as temporary PK, and the MUD will be just as it usually is for you :)
* if you are a PK and don't want to participate, you don't have to: your existing status doesn't matter, you will be NPK for the weekend unless you tag as a temporary PK
* any XP, inventory, lives, achievement progress and other matters lost in the weekend are ENTIRELY YOUR PROBLEM; we recommend vaulting items you don't want to lose before tagging as a temporary PK
* it will not be possible to inhume NPKs who are temporarily PK, so you are unlikely to lose real lives
* you also won't be getting PK-only achievements