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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Concentration!, posted on Sat Jan 20 00:09:11 2024
Posted by: Presto
Category: Special
After some discussion with The Defeater of Empires, the Swallower of Oceans, the Thief of Years, the Ultimate Reality, the Harvester of Mankind, the Assassin 'Gainst Whom No Lock Will Hold (better known as Death), he has agreed that once something has crossed into his jurisdiction, as it were, then if someone was focusing their attention upon said thing, that attention should then be lost.

In practical terms, what this means is that if you are concentrating on an enemy, and the enemy dies, you can now concentrate on something else immediately. This also means that the special identifier 'target' can also be used immediately.


Keeping The Faith, posted on Wed Jan 10 13:52:04 2024
Posted by: Kadath
Category: Guilds
The Gods of Discworld have been in a giving mood over Hogswatch, and have decided to distribute one last set of boons to their faithful before turning their attention back to important Cori Celesti infighting.


* Sufficiently skilled players can now break out of stasis spheres with unarmed strikes.

* It is now possible travel to the air room via Divine Hand.

* The helpfile for Horror has been updated to clarify that it can be performed while holding a faith rod.

* Holy Insight now has the potential to give information about a target's current tactics (Like the rest of the ritual, this insight is skillchecked and therefore won't always be shown).

* The stages for performing Life of the Party should now properly show which type of "party hat" is being used as a component.

* Odoriferous Wrath now uses a skillcheck to determine how frequently the target will give off stealth-breaking chats.

* Fear, horror and agoraphobia no longer have an effect on unconscious targets.

* When creeping doom devours a corpse, the "consumption" message no longer reflects the size increase of the doom before it has actually happened.

* Insect clouds produced by the creeping doom ritual will no longer leave non-decaying bits lying around when they devour corpses; instead, the messages now give alternative explanations for what happened to the bones.


* New syntax options have been added to the "pray" command to allow praying for someone random from your faith, praying with varying degrees of fervour for another player, or both together (praying with varying fervour for a random person).

* A new syntax has been added to the various ritual burial commands to bury "max" corpses based on your currently available GP.


* Resurrection after a PK death no longer gives priests a long, spammy and often incomplete list of retained rituals. Since rituals are not actually removed with this kind of death, it now simply tells you that your knowledge of all your rituals has been preserved.


* The Small Gods shrines in Ohulan-Cutash and the Ramtops (near the Giants' Land) have been reworked to be a little less awkward and buggy than before. It is no longer necessary to enter/leave the shrine repeatedly to receive the the full +2 wisdom boost and in fact doing so will likely make the process take more time rather than less. The shrines now give more useful player feedback when bestowing their blessings, too.

Bonus Non-Priestly Fix

* The regulars at the Hatchet & Entrail pub have been persuaded to take out their violent urges primarily on humanoid (and equine!) individuals, and should now leave creatures like clouds, cabbages, fruitbats, moon dragons and others alone when deciding who to do horrible things to.

Have fun!

Kadath, Kake, Guildenstern & Pit



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