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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Things And Stuff And Bits And Pieces, posted on Sun Jul 3 18:48:06 2022
Posted by: Guildenstern
Category: General
We have a collection of fixes and minor improvements for you!

* You can now use eg. 'pour 1/5 of ink well onto sponge' when staining. Using less or more than the amount the sponge needs will waste some. Using 'pour ink well on sponge' will still automatically take the correct amount (1/5 of the capacity of a standard ink well). The bug whereby using 'onto' would occasionally not colour the sponge has been fixed.

* Player-made staves are now slightly lighter than they were, which is to say they are no longer heavier than the riving they're made from.

* Polishing cloths will no longer allow you to use them when you have no crafts gp left.

* All the hats that the Maker of Proper Wizards' Pointy Hats makes should now be embroiderable, as should all quilting materials.

* The glassware from the Aged Wizards' Bar is now a proper size and capacity, and shot glasses have been added to the stock.

* Sticks of chalk can now be used to write with.

* You can now give the Unseen University communications imp the coffee he craves. At your own risk.

* Moonlit Market wearable keyrings should now work as well as any other does.

* Elegant leather knife belts can now also hold tlinga.

* If you can see the enchantment on items, you can now use the adjective 'unenchanted' as well as 'enchanted' to refer to objects.

- Guildenstern, Yehoshua, and Fran



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