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This is a blog for all the cool, but minor, things that your creators do for you.

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Sugar Press, posted on Fri May 18 06:14:12 2018
Posted by: Capita
Category: Guilds
The witch cottage in Slice now has a sugar press for making loose sugar into cubes.

Glorious Rainbows, posted on Wed Mar 28 18:36:27 2018
Posted by: Aristophanes
Category: Guilds
The Wizard spell Heezlewurst's Elemental Buffer has been changed so that it absorbs a greater amount of lightning damage.

The description of the colours that appear around the player after casting has also been tweaked, and it now gives duration feedback via the "shields" command.

Shinies, posted on Wed Mar 28 17:40:23 2018
Posted by: Aristophanes
Category: Guilds

Rhokshial's crystals have been added to some additional places around the Discworld.

Have FNU!

Absentee Postgraduate Course Candidates, posted on Wed Mar 28 17:09:19 2018
Posted by: Aristophanes
Category: Guilds
Assassins who are absent from the Discworld for a period of 90 roundworld days will now be removed from any postgraduate courses that they were enrolled in.

Any affected players can claim back a certain amount of their course fees from the secretary in the guild.

The secretary will now also warn players about this when they enrol.

This was implemented in order to stop absentee players from adversely affecting the ability of active players to complete their lecture programmes!

Lighting Up The Night., posted on Tue Mar 20 23:58:51 2018
Posted by: Aristophanes
Category: Guilds
There are now unique light/extinguish commands for both witches and wizards wanting a more stylish way of interacting with their lamps.

Lamps holding lots of candles are also a lot less likely to make a room too bright to see when they're all lit. This may not be the case if you have several chandeliers of eight candles and light them all at once, though...

There is now also a helpfile for lamp objects. This explains how the default light/extinguish commands - and the new wizard/witch variants ...

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Additional Pie Choices., posted on Wed Feb 21 16:08:33 2018
Posted by: Aristophanes
Category: Guilds
Enjoy the pies, wizards!

New Utensils, posted on Fri Jan 5 23:35:23 2018
Posted by: Capita
Category: Guilds
Five of them!

Priestly Pouch Performance, posted on Mon Jan 16 21:20:32 2017
Posted by: Tof
Category: Guilds
Component pouches now work as they should for priests: if you have a container identified as a component pouch, then not only will you automatically take necessary ritual items from the pouch, but they will also be returned to the pouch after the ritual has finished.

This is the same way component pouches work for magic.

Divine Hand Weight Changes, posted on Sat Oct 15 16:46:23 2016
Posted by: Pit
Category: Guilds
Divine Hand has been updated to follow the changes to Remember Place and Modify Memento, as was announced at the time. These changes follow the plans as discussed on the boards before:

- only items remembered before the change to remember place are affected, and only those which (now) have a weight below 1/9 pound (50 grams)

- if you have the skills to succeed remember place on such an item, then nothing will happen

- if you do not have those skills, the item will have its weight upped to a valu...

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Corrected Consecrations, posted on Sat Sep 24 09:20:18 2016
Posted by: Borealis
Category: Guilds
A long standing bug in consecration has been fixed. Previously, some consecrated items may have lost their consecration related adjectives shortly after being consecrated. Now these adjectives should be preserved, provided that the observer has recently performed see consecration.

Consecration related adjectives are things like "gappic", "consecrated", "pishite" etc that can be used as selectors in the parser.

eg: locate consecrated papers

This fix may not be fully implemented until afte...

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