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All About the Ram Domain

What and Where

The Ram, short for the Ramtops, domain, starts at the eastern edge of the Sto Plains, where Sur stops, and extends east to the Widdershins Ocean. It is bounded on the north by Llamedos and by the swamps of Genua to the south.

Amongst the mountains, with the Hub of the Discworld at their centre, that make up much of the domain are dotted a number of settlements. These include the villages that make up the Kingdom of Lancre and the (by Ramtops standards) metropolis of Ohulan-Cutash. Further south, within the deep, dark forests of Uberwald can be found the town of Escrow, along with another village whose inhabitants neglected to name, all of which is overlooked by a vampire-laden castle.

The Ramtop Mountains themselves are full of exciting places as well. A number of orders of monks have chosen to make the mountains their home, along with yetis and other unimaginable creatures. Meanwhile, at the centre of it all, is the Hub, round which the Disc revolves, topped by Cori Celesti, home of the Discworld gods.

As the centre of the Disc, the Ramtops are subject to rather strong magical forces. For this reason, many parts of the Witches' guild have made their home here, and many areas in the domain has pretty close ties with them.


The Ram domain is currently open for new applicants, and is actively seeking new members. Both coders and more creative-minded people are welcome to join us. For more information, feel free to contact the Domain Leader or one of the Deputies, or check out the apply command.

Additional Documents and Information

  • Ram Terrains map
    The map used to produce the Ram terrains. It may contain slight inaccuracies or be slightly out of date in spots.
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