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Information for Applicants

The Criteria

Since it is a position of moderate responsibility, there are some minimal criteria on the people hired to become a Newbie Helper. The most important criteria is simply this, however: a willingness to help. The other restrictions are built into the apply command:

Applications for a newbiehelper position have the following requirements:

You need to be at least 10 days old.
You need to be at least guild level 100.
You need to have 0 vouches.
You have 14 days to obtain your vouches.

Your application will not be posted for consideration until you have all your vouches completed.

This may seem like a lot at first, but most players with some experience of the Discworld should be able to meet these requirements. It is important that Newbie Helpers are experienced and knowledgeable players, to be able to answer and advise newbies.

If you have trouble reaching these requirements for whatever reason but feel that you should be able to help newbies in a competent way anyway, speak to a helper admin about the problem. Helpers admin are Aristophanes, Arwyn, Dacrian and Keb.

Newbie Helper skills

When hired, Newbie Helpers are required to deal with newbies pleasantly and politely - even if the newbies don't. Hence, some patience and decent communicative skills are important to do a good job!

So, you ticked off the requirements and believe you can do a good job as a Newbie Helper? Great! Read on to a summary of the application process...