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Recent Changes in the Klatch Domain

 — "Give anyone a lever long enough and they can change the world." — Terry Pratchett, Small Gods

23rd December 2008

Those wanting to help Indeh find his treasure are now able to get extra statues (after a while).

20th November 2008

Prizes earnt from the pyramid of Coojibubu no longer hold the same power that they used to.

27th January 2008

Camels now have stomachs and may return things fed to them. Of course, those won't be in the nicest state, necessarily.

25th January 2008

Cats have attempted to reassert their status at the top of the Djelian food chain. Be warned. They don't like being kicked.

24th January 2008

Many NPCs have decided to help people like them. Or, conversely, hurt people who are different from them.

29th July 2007

Khalian farmers are celebrating the growth of pepper plantations near to their city. Watch out, some are quite fiery.

29th July 2007

Washing facilities have now been installed in the mansion.

12th June 2007

Noc-noc-bang, Rahn-fara-wai and Teh-takk-eht have each found themselves to be better equipped at defending themselves than they previously thought.

7th March 2007

The priests of Djelibeybi have now found themselves more attuned to their gods than they previously were.

11th January 2007

D'reg women found that they had more strength to fight than they previously thought.

11th January 2007

The Djelian merchant Phin-lip has increased the size of his staff, employing more servants.

17th January 2007

Tomb raiders may now find themselves more likely to find what they're looking for in the Djelian necropolis.

18th January 2007

Archaeologists have found more pottery than previous expected on the El Kinte peninsula. Those who struggled to find it before may be pleasantly surprised.

21st January 2007

Speakers of the glorious mother tongue of Djelian may now find themselves phonetically educated to the extreme. (A quest which was formerly not available to them is now open to all.)

7th December 2006

A new power is rising in the continent of Klatch, Peta takes on the role of Domain Deputy as Reality moves into her new Pyramid.

14th October 2006

The amazing Harr has released his new project, a garlic farm, into the wilderness surrounding Djelibeybi.

1st September 2006

The great architect Dtoxd has unveiled his latest creation, a reception area for foreign ambassadors.

24th May 2006

The bug caves in Klatch have been bought to the attention of the Klatchian Pest Control Unit, who have removed all signs of life from the caves.

23rd April 2006

After discussions with the Torch Makers Guild and the Street Maintanance Men, there are now torches in the bazaar.

23rd April 2006

Following lengthy correspondence with the Tyrant of Ephebe; the Klatch Council was tactfully renamed the Djelibeybi Council.