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Klatch - the place where all the sand is

 — "Bugger all else but sand in Klatch." -- Fred Colon

What is Klatch?

Domains on the Discworld are divided into a number of subject area domains - AM, Ram, Forn, CWC, Sur, Guilds, Waterways and, most importantly (for these webpages, at least...) Klatch!

Klatch is the huge continent hubwards of the Circle Sea, from Tacticum on the El Kinte peninsula to the north, down to Istanzia to the south and everything west of there. You'll probably be most familiar with the cities of Djelibeybi and Ephebe, but there are smaller areas in game as well such as the Djelian trading post (north and somewhat west of Djelibeybi), Il Drim (a little fishing village southeast of Ephebe), the ruins of Tacticum, and a PK-only combat arena in the Tsortean desert.

What are we working on?

Our main focus in the Klatch domain right now is adding additional content to further enrich existing areas. Mostly this is intended to take the form of missions (in both Djelibeybi and Ephebe), but also includes additional shops, buildings, features, and all manner of other content.

Much current work is focussing on the adminstrative areas of Ephebe - the Citadel , Citadel palace, and associated features - such as player housing for Ephebe.

Applying to be a creator

Creators are hired into the central Developers domain and projects are assigned from the subject area domains (including Klatch) by need and the interest of individual creators. If you wish to apply as a creator please see the applyingsection of the website for further information.

Klatch Bibliography

Where can you find out more about the stories behind Klatch? Well you can check out the excellent Discworld books by Terry Pratchett which can be bought from Amazon and all other good book stores.

Particularly relevant to Klatch are:

And countless references in other books.

Front cover of "Sourcery"
Sourcery - Pratchett's fifth Discworld novel

Recent Changes ( more | archive )

Minor Thing - Thu Mar 16 13:09:56 2023

Far away, sisters and brothers of the desert have divined that sand is not quite as abrasive anymore. Enjoy.

Ptune-Up - Mon Feb 27 08:02:40 2023

Ptune Pturban in the Djelibeybi Bazaar has decided to expand her sartorial offerings and now sells bespoke hijabs as well as veils. Her custom veils have also undergone some changes, but this will only affect new veils ordered after this blog post goes live. Any existing veils that have previously been purchased from Ptune will be unaffected. I've added a help file for hijabs (including the non-custom ones that are in the normal stock list) to indicate the options you have for wearing them. Finally, Pterrence has expanded the offering available in his lucky-dip box and you may now find any manner of turban, hijab or veil when going for a rummage. Enjoy!

After careful examination... - Sun Feb 26 07:23:47 2023

I've made a few more changes to the DJB Language School to address some long-standing bugs. The two most noticeable changes are as follows: 1) If your teacher finishes their shift, or you are forced to log off, during your final exam, then your exam paper will now remember who you are and which questions you have already answered. You can log off without penalty and return when your teacher is available to finish and hand in your exam. In addition, if you somehow manage to lose your exam paper, your teacher will be able to provide you with a new one rather than demanding the return of the original. 2) The final spoken and written exam for each language now requires a higher minimum level of skill to begin, but has a higher maximum level before you are no longer eligible to take the test. In addition, there is now a minimum number of levels in spoken/written that will be awarded to you upon completing the exam (no more awards of 0 levels!). The overall result should be more consistent progression through the available lessons with a worthwhile reward at each stage. Happy studying!