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 —"Hardly worth the trouble of dying, was it?" -- Queen Far-re-ptah

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Also called the Kingdom of the Sun and the Old Kingdom. Principal crops: melons, garlic and, since they are increasingly encroaching on the fertile agricultural land, pyramids.

Djelibeybi is two miles wide and 150 miles long and is on the Circle Sea coast of Klatch. Almost entirely underwater during the flood season and both threatened and protected on either side by stronger neighbours (Tsort and Ephebe). It was once great, but all that now remains is an expensive palace, a few dusty ruins in the desert, and the pyramids. The entire economic life of the country was, until after the events of Pyramids, devoted to building them.

Now under the rule of Queen Ptraci, Djelibeybi has taken on some new ideas.

Djelibeybi was originally written a long time ago by Ceres et al, in the form of Khot-lip-khin. It was given a facelift in 2004 by a team led by Carmine.

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Djelibeybi Bibliography

Where can you find out more about the stories behind Djelibeybi? Well you can check out the excellent Discworld books by Terry Pratchett which can be bought from Amazon and all other good book stores.

Particularly relevant to Djelibeybi is:

  • Pyramids

And countless references in other books.

Front cover of "Pyramids"
Pyramids - Pratchett's seventh Discworld novel

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