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Pre-Blog Changes in Ankh-Morpork

More Recent Changes can be found in the AM Recent Developments Blog

14th January 2009

Today the final Ankhian park, the Tump, was brought in line with the other parks.

12th January 2009

The Park Service continued its redesign of Ankhian parks. This week Apothecary Gardens and Zoo Park were taken on.

5th January 2009

The Ankh-Morpork Park Service rearranged Nap Hill and Hide Park. A playground and picnic area in the latter were officially opened by Commander Vimes. The first to use the playground's slide, his son young Sam remarked "Wheee!".

4th January 2009

Damage repair after a very severy explosion in the Guild of Alchemists was taken as an opportunity to redevelop parts of the Street of Alchemists, Memorial Street, Pleaders Row and Peach Pie Street.

7th October 2008

Agatean tourists have been sighted throughout the city.

22nd Aug 2008

Two-fingers McKluskey completely redesigned the amalgamator in his lab in the Guild of Alchemists.

17th Aug 2008

An overhaul of Dimwell Street's south end was completed, finishing a project that was started by the AM Guild of Architects at the northern end some years ago.

23rd July 2008

The esteemed Sartorn, of Endless Street, made it known that he has retired, passing on the business to his eldest son Al, who has been practicing his scabbard-making skills, and now feels confident enough to offer custom scabbards.

18th July 2008

The Patrician decreed that people burying their things on the bridges across the Ankh is forbidden because of public safety. River scavengers rejoice at all the treasure they now find shoved over the sides while traditionalist trolls consider it another threat to their lifestyle.

11th February 2008

Jenny Tawdry, former opera star, opened a small clothing shop on the Maudlin Bridge.

27th January 2008

A small shop that has always been there has reopened on Chrononhotonthologos Street (north end), after repairs.

6th January 2008

The Iron Helmet, Dhraz Shaftrubble's dwarf pub on Welcome Soap, opened its doors.

4th January 2008

The Guild of Architects finishes renovating Edgeway Road and property prices along it start to soar. The Stationery Warehouse opens in an attempt to benefit from this.

24th December 2007

In cooperation with the Dwarfish Settlers Association, the Architects' Guild redeveloped Whalebone Lane. The project was completed today!

9th November 2007

Seeing opportunities in being the first one in Ankh, the playershop that used to be on 27b God Street moved to Pallant Street.

13th October 2007

The Guild of Architects finally completed Bitwash Street. And there was much rejoicing.

1st October 2007

Wharfinger Street got redecorated. With posters.

10th-11th September 2007

Endless Park House and Cottage, the Profit Margin, Lavender House and the flat above the Onion Gate hit the real estate market.

4th September 2007

Some rooms on Bitwash and Chrononhotonthologos Street had some architectural changes implemented.

30th August 2007

The mean mercenaries wandering the streets of AM got a little meaner.

26th August 2007

As a result of the hard work by the Builders' Guild, the Five Ways Bell Tower is open to the public.

17th July 2007

As a result of the Council debating having criminals inhumed, Assassins have started roaming - or rather, sneaking - around the city.

14th July 2007

Uberwaldeans can now learn basic Morporkian for a very reasonable price from Vanya Bisclavret, a recent and learned Uberwaldean immigrant. Being on the run from his own country, he has settled in a part of Ankh-Morpork which is appropriate to both his financial state and his need to lay low for a while. Also, fresh fish are nice.

30th June 2007

B.S. Johnson's Salt Shaker opened for players next to his Pepper Pot.

5th May 2007

Gnaby Party Supplies opened for business on King's Way.

19th April 2007

The restoration works on the Mended Drum after the last (for a given value of last) fire have been completed. Work might now be available for enthusiasts, and privacy is offered for "enthusiasts". It is also to be noted that the solution of the frog infestation has made Ankh-Morpork's performers no longer afraid of entering.

24th March 2007

Last night, Squeezebelly Alley was discovered by a drunk looking for a short cut from the Armoury on God's Collar to the Skunk Club. He also found enough coffee to sober up.

7th March 2007

The Guild of Alchemists announced that, following an explosion, a large rebuilding project was funded and resulted in the reopening of its old laboratories and classrooms. This also meant that the guild became slightly more... volatile than it used to.

5th March 2007

A western part of Endless Street was renovated.

21st February 2007

A milliner's shop opened for business on Pallant St. after a petition for new and more interesting headwear by the nobles of Ankh.

12th February 2007

Dwarfish tradesmen have been spotted on the streets of Morpork.

12th February 2007

There have been reports of some sort of elusive beast stalking Hide Park.

11th February 2007

William Cobbler's Handcrafted Shoes and Boots opened its doors on The Soake.

11th February 2007

A funky new Stove Showroom has opened up on Prouts.

9th January 2007

Dimitris starts selling display dummies on Dimwell Street.

10th December 2006

Nese Stenzelle opened up a new stencil and wall applique shop on Phedre Road.

11th November 2006

The AM Webpages (which you are looking at) went live.

11th October 2006

Alab's Leatherorama opened its doors on Mollymog Street.

1st October 2006

Hoff Buchanan arrived in AM to promote his career in Music.

24th July 2006

A section of Endless Street south of the Shambling Gate got proper descriptions.

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