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voting booth

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voting booth


voting booth - where you can vote for your favourite magistrate


list motions
list elections
list votes

Election voting:
vote for <person>
vote force for <person>
nominate <person>

Motion voting:
vote <result> in [motion] <id>

Issue voting:
vote <string> on <number>

Magistrate only:
add vote with <choices>


This room allows you to vote for three different things, elections, motions and issues. Elections are for the magistrates, motions are for new rules or ammendments to rules and issues are any sort of vote the magistrates wish to put forward.

This is where you go to vote for people to be magistrates. The information command allows you to see if there is an election in progress or how long it is before the next one.

To accept a nomination you must nominate yourself for the position.

To vote you must vote for the number of people that there are magistrate positions. This means if there are 7 magistrate positions you get 7 votes. You may only vote for any one person once. If you only wish to vote for less than the number of magistrate positions you should use the 'vote force' command.

Adding Votes

When you add a vote, the command takes a comma separated list of choices, and will prepend each choice with a label, starting at A. The command:

add vote with Ralph,Sarah., Penelope; Phil and Jim , Roger

results in voting choices of:

A. Ralph
B. Sarah.
C. Penelope; Phil and Jim
D. Roger

After entering the list of choices, you will be prompted for the question to ask, and then to confirm that the question and the choices are correct. At this point, it would list the choices as:

Ralph, Sarah., Penelope; Phil and Jim and Roger


> vote for ringo,pinkfish,jasmin,allana,drem,hobbes
> vote force for pinkfish
> vote c on 21
> vote no in motion 26
> vote abstain in 26
> nominate pinkfish
> add vote with Ralph,Sarah,Penelope,Roger

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