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real estate agent

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real estate agent


real estate agent


browse <item>
bid <amount> {on} <item>
bid <item> {for} <amount>
check deposit on <item>
pay deposit on <item>
request [agreement]


The real estate agents auction house, player housings, flats and other properties, both personal and business. Properties are made available for rental or purchase (indicated on the lot itself).

As a property becomes available, it is put on the market. Offers are made by bidding, and the winner of the auction receives the property.

In order to bid, some estate agents will require that you place a deposit on the property to show that you are truly interested. Others will ask for a fee.

Deposits are refunded to the unsuccessful bidders at the end of the auction period, while deposits and fees are refunded to the winner when they claim their property. Unsuccessful bidders do not get their auction fees back. 'check deposit on <item>' will tell you whether you are paying a refundable deposit or a nonrefunded fee.

Houses and other property of a personal nature will currently only be available for rent, while shops will only be available for lease.

If the house was up for rental the winning bid becomes the (Discworld) monthly rent and that rent is automatically deducted from their bank account every month. If the house was up for purchase the winning bid is a one-time cost.

Once you have won an auction you must come back and 'claim' your house. When you claim it is when you own the house. You will pay your first months rent in advance.

You may request a replacement housing rental or ownership agreement with the request command if you've lost your original copy.

Club Houses

Club houses may be obtained via bidding at real estate offices. Only elected clubs can obtain a club house on behalf of a club. Clubs must have and maintain a committee of at least three seperate members to qualify for a clubhouse.

The members of any club which fails to meet this ongoing requirement will receive mails warning them of the failure after thirty days, and they will have sixty days to rectify the situation. Should they fail to do so, the property will be placed on the market.


> bid 10 dollars on d
> claim all
> request agreement
You are not renting any houses.

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