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Dungeons - Instanced dungeons with randomly generated maps.


When a player or a group of players passes through the dungeon entrance, they will enter their own personal copy of the dungeon. This means that two groups of players who entered at different times will not meet each other while inside the dungeon.

If you are pursuing another player as they pass through the entrance, you will both enter the same instance of the dungeon. Similarly, if you are following a player that is pursuing a player that is following a player that is passing through the entrance, all of you will enter the same instance.

Your copy of the dungeon will only last a fixed amount of time, during which leaving and entering again will take you to the same copy. After that, it will despawn and entering again will take you to a new copy of the dungeon.

Random maps

Each copy of a dungeon will have a fresh and different layout!

Dropped items

Any items left on the ground in the dungeon that aren't from the dungeon itself will be evacuated to the entrance when the rooms unload.

Logging out

If you log out within a dungeon, you will return to the entrance upon your next login.


If you die in a dungeon, your corpse will be evacuated to the entrance along with all loose non-dungeon objects in the room. Additionally, your next entry will take you to the same dungeon that you died in as long as it still exists, even if you are following or being followed by other players with their own dungeons.

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