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player library

Discworld player help

player library


player library - This is a place where librarian players can add any books
they see fit, for other players to subsequently borrow.

Syntax - Librarian Commands

add <item> with title <title> by author <author>
remove <id>
mark <id> as reference only
mark <id> as not reference only

status <player>
set access for <player> to {allowed|disallowed}
report <id> as {lost|damaged} for <player>

set fine per day to <number>
set lost or damaged fine to <number>
set loan length to <number of disc days>
set maximum number of loans to <number>


Librarian players can maintain the books within the library with the above commands. Once a book (or leaflet or paper) is added, it is given a unique id which will be used to manipulate the book in most other commands.

To add another copy of a book with an existing id, simply add the same item with the same title and author. It must obviously, be the same item :)

Items can only be removed from the library once all copies have been returned. Once removed from the library, all the copies will be placed on the floor.

Marking the item as reference only, will prevent people leaving the library with it.

You can see a player's account status (his currently borrowed books and fines etc..) with the status command.

You can report lost or damaged books for players with the report command. This will clear the loan for that person and charge them the current fine for lost books. The library will not be able to get his copy of the item back once it has been reported lost or damaged.

Access to use the library can given with 'set access'.

Other variables can also be changed with the various other set commands.


> add thin book with title The World of Widgets by author Bob
You add an item to the library.

> remove 2
Any remaining copies will be placed on the floor.
You remove 'Inside the Thaum' by Woddeley from the library.

> mark 3 as reference only
You mark 'On Frogs and Cabbages' by Pinkfish as reference only

> set access for rodion to allowed
You allow Rodion to use the library.

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