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council archive

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council archive


council archive - finding old cases


Commands everyone may use:
list cases
list cases where <name> is {plaintiff|respondent|magistrate|involved}
list cases {opened|closed} {before|after} <year> <month> <day>
list cases {opened|closed} after <year> <month> <day> and before <year> <month> <day>
list cases where <name> is {plaintiff|respondent|magistrate|involved} {opened|closed} {before|after} <year> <month> <day>
list cases where <name> is {plaintiff|respondent|magistrate|involved} {opened|closed} after <year> <month> <day> and before <year> <month> <day>
summarise <case id>
research <case id>
list citizens

Commands restricted to magistrates:
list all [properties]
list club houses
list citizens
list rented properties
list [case] <number>
list owned properties


This room allows you to look back over closed cases. Lists of cases matching various criteria can be obtained. You may view a summary of a specific case, or research a case in detail.

When searching, "involving" will find cases where the person specified has been involved in any role, whether as magistrate, respondent, plaintiff or just by entering a comment to the case.

The dates must be entered as numerals,without any leading "0".

Magistrates may also look up housing in their area, including the renter and amount paid.


> list cases
> list cases where pinkfish is involved
> list cases opened before 2012 1 1
> list cases closed after 2005 12 31 and before 2007 1 1
> list cases where frog is magistrate closed after 2008 12 31
> list cases where womble is plaintiff opened after 2002 1 1 and before 2012 1 1
> summarise 14
> research 14
> list citizens
> list all properties
> list club houses
> list rented properties
> list owned properties

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