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Discworld room help



commercial - the base inherit for the commercial properties


collect royalties
measure property
retrieve <id>

Owner commands:
royalty list
collect royalties of <amount>
status room
status room hint
name property <name>
set sign <ob>
set use expression <expr>
remove sign
purchase stuff
evict <npc>

add room function <function> as <expression>
remove room function <function>
functions room help <function name>
functions room internal
functions room help list
functions room
functions room hints


You may elect to receive notification by mail when an item you have sold is approved via "notifications item_approved". The same command is used to turn the notifications back off if you decide the mails are too spammy.

Shopkeepers may elect to receive notification by mail every week on the status of their shop via "notifications weekly_status". Note that by default you will not receive the weekly status mails.

The command "notifications" will tell you what your current notification subscriptions are in this shop.

Retrieving Sold Items

You can "retrieve" an item you sold which continues to be listed in "waiting" by specifying the waiting item id. In many cases this will be preceded by a hyphen-minus character (-), which is a required part of the identifier.


This is a player house that allows a player to add commercial properties and elements to it. You can make people have entry fees, run commercial enterprises.

Commercial enterprises will have different commercial objects in them. The commercial objects will all have their own help associated with them.

The use expression controls the access to all the elements in the commercial property. It will be called with a specified 'type' which can be used to turn on and off various elements of the shop.

User defined functions can also be enabled in the room.

The "purchase stuff" command makes an npc turn up that you can then buy equipment for your commercial property off.

The commercial property can be 'terminated' at any time using your housing agreement. This will put the property up for auction again.


> help blackjack

> waiting
-AF) Balev's quill for 1rh in General, 1 objects (a quill) 0 in stock.

> retrieve -af
You return your quill.

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