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Pottery kiln

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Pottery kiln


pottery kiln - used to fire pots


fire <object> in <object>
check items in <object>


This kiln can be used to fire pots. Firing pots is needed to make pots waterproof and to set glazes.

The firing process takes between three to eight minutes but a number of pots can be fired in the kiln at a time. If the pots are not dry when fired or if they are fired incorrectly they will explode. The skill crafts.pottery.firing is used.

Pots coming out of the kiln are extremely hot and you will need to be holding a pair of pottery tongs to take them out safely (no extra commands are needed).


> fire bowl in kiln
You select a shelf, carefully place a fine bowl in the kiln and adjust the
air flow.

> check items in kiln
You check and see that a traditional black pot is ready to come out.

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