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Being Lost - What to do if you're lost in the wilderness?


As a seasoned explorer, you may, at times, become quite lost. While you are still at a low level, it can be a good idea to ask your fairy godmother to help you back to safety - use "godmother help" to call for her assistance.

However, as you advance further, asking the godmother for help will give you temporary penalties to your stats or even cost you lives, so do not get too used to her!

Sometimes unfortunate incidents may happen. But all is not lost for those poor souls who die out in the wilderness or underwater, leaving their bodies and belongings at the bottom of a cliff or the ocean.

If you're unfortunate enough to die (oops!) and feel unable to retrieve your possessions, don't despair. Death isn't the end of the journey, just one of its most interesting parts! Stay near where you last saw your corpse and ask for help and advice from the newbiehelpers and other players. You'll often find there is someone willing to help.

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