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Discworld command help



sneak - Sneakily move around.


sneak <level|stop>


This command controls how stealthily you attempt to move. There are three levels of sneaking 'high', 'medium' and 'low'. The level determines how careful you are in attempting to sneak, thus it affects the likelihood that you will be spotted and the guild points it takes. With sneak set to high you will use all your skill and lots of guild points. At low some of your skill and fewer guild points and medium is somewhere in the middle. You can also stop moving sneakily using 'sneak stop' or review your current sneak level with just 'sneak'.

When sneaking every move will cost covert guild points, how many will depend on the level of sneaking you are using.


> sneak high
You will now attempt to move stealthily.
> sneak stop
You stop sneaking.

See also

ambush, hide