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Discworld command help



slip - Slip things silently to an object or person.


slip <object> [in]to <object>
slip <object> from [my] hands
slip accept from <living>
slip reject from <living>


This command allows you to slip things to players or containers without others in the room seeing. You can use the special destination 'here' to covertly drop an item.

You can also 'slip <object> from [my] hands' to covertly unhold an object.

The use of this command will cost you 10 covert points.

It uses the skill covert.manipulation.passing for determining how succesful you are at not being seen.

This command uses the same options as 'give' to control if you automatically accept the items slipped to you or not.


> slip frog to khaos
You slip a frog to Khaos.

> slip katana from my left hand
You quietly set the katana down.

> options auto give autoaccept = off
> slip accept from trilogy
> slip reject from sojan

See also

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