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Discworld command help



repair - Allows the fixing of wooden items.


repair <object>

repair cost <object>


This command allows you to repair damaged wooden items when you are in a wood workshop. It takes up 35 guild points on average, but this may be affected by the quality of tools provided in the workshop where you do the repairs. If your bonus in the crafts.carpentry.whittling (or furniture if it is furniture you're fixing) is high enough for the job, you may be able to repair the item completely; otherwise you will only be able to fix it a little that time, or maybe even not at all. You will be charged an amount of money for materials that you use.


> repair cost plank
It would cost roughly 3p to repair the plank with a nail in it.
> repair plank
You manage to repair the plank with a nail in it completely.
Usage of the tools and the repair materials cost you 7p.

See also

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