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Discworld command help



palm - Silently pick up something.


palm <object>
palm <object> from <object>
palm <object> [in]to [my] hands
palm <object> from <object> [in]to [my] hands


This command allows you to silently pick up an object either from the ground or from another object. If you use the special "to my hands" argument, you will also attempt to quietly hold the item.

The use of this command will cost you 10 covert points.

It uses the skill covert.manipulation.palming for determining how succesful you are at not being seen.


> palm coin
You palm the coin.

> palm katana from katana scabbard to my right hand
With your right hand, you quietly draw the katana from the katana scabbard.

See also

slip, hide, conceal, steal, filch